Instagram order of followers explained 2024

Is there a particular order in which Instagram sorts your followers? Let’s take a look…

You might be wondering why Instagram followers are arranged in the order they are. Here’s an explanation.

Instagram introduced many improvements to its algorithm in 2021. The new algorithm ensures that you see content and suggested posts you’re actually interested in. On Instagram, your followers are also sorted according to an algorithm that uses the same concept.

Our research aims to explain how your Followings and Followers list will be arranged on Instagram in 2024. Here are the details!

Instagram order of followers explained 2024

In the past, Instagram sorted your Followers and Following list chronologically based on who you followed most recently. There have been some changes to Instagram’s ad format recently, you might be surprised to discover.

The order of followers on Instagram is largely determined by interaction.

Your Followings and Followers list will display the accounts you have interacted with the most by liking, commenting, sharing posts, tagging, and sending direct messages.

The above method of sorting may not work if you have fewer than 200 people in your Following or Followers list. If that is the case, then the order of followers is just random.

As Instagram has not revealed how this order is determined, it is unclear how it is determined.

How does Instagram’s followers ordering algorithm works?

Our explanation will be as simple as possible, though we know it might sound complicated.

In addition to interaction, Instagram uses the order of your Followers list to determine the order of your followers. Instagram’s Followers algorithm looks at how much interaction you have with users to determine how important they are to you. In other words:

  • Followers who like and comment on your posts frequently are more likely to be at the top of your list.
  • The followers who like or comment the most frequently are sorted first.
  • Even if you don’t follow a follower, their profile will rise on your list of followers.

According to the interactions you have with your followers, your Followers list on Instagram changes constantly. If Instagram thinks someone is more important to you than others, you may see them at the top of your list.

What does sort by default mean on Instagram following list?

“Sort by Default” on Instagram refers to how the list of accounts you are following is arranged or displayed by default.

In Instagram’s default sorting algorithm, your list of accounts you follow is sorted by a combination of factors, including your interactions with them.

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Understanding the order of followers on Instagram has been a topic of interest for many users. However, as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, Instagram does not disclose the exact algorithm or criteria used to determine the order of followers. 

It is important to note that Instagram’s algorithm and features can evolve and change over time. Therefore, it is recommended to refer to official Instagram resources or announcements for the most up-to-date information regarding the order of followers on the platform.


How does Instagram determine the order of followers?

Instagram does not publicly disclose the specific algorithm or criteria used to determine the order of followers. The order may be influenced by various factors, such as interactions, engagement, and activity levels with other accounts, but the exact details are not officially confirmed by Instagram.

Can I change the order of followers on my Instagram account?

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, there is no feature or setting available on Instagram that allows users to manually change the order of followers. The order is typically determined by Instagram’s algorithm and cannot be directly modified by users.

Why do I see some followers at the top of my Instagram followers list?

The order of followers on Instagram may appear to be influenced by different factors, such as recent interactions or engagement with specific accounts. However, the exact algorithm behind this order is not disclosed by Instagram, and it may be subject to change based on updates and developments on the platform.

Does the order of followers on Instagram have any significance?

The order of followers on Instagram may not have any significant meaning or indication beyond the algorithm’s calculations. It does not necessarily reflect the importance or relevance of each follower to your account. The order is primarily determined by Instagram’s algorithm, which considers various factors to personalize the user experience.

Are there any third-party apps or services that can change the order of followers?

It is important to be cautious when considering third-party apps or services claiming to change the order of followers on Instagram. Using unauthorized apps or services can violate Instagram’s terms of service and may compromise the security of your account. It is recommended to rely on official Instagram features and resources for managing and understanding your followers.

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