Fitbit Charge 6 – Predicted release date, rumoured features, price and more

Fitbit Charge 6

Is the Charge 6 on its way? Fitbit Charge 6 is drawing attention as the smartwatch and fitness tracker market continues to grow. With the advent of new features and more accurate technology, wearables are constantly being improved, which means that existing products can quickly be overtaken by new and better products. In such a … Read more



Embalming Definition Embalming refers to the preservation of human remains via inhibiting decomposition with the use of chemicals for the purpose of medical education or social reasons (e.g., funeral service). Embalming involves the preservation of the entire human body, and is associated with three goals: Sanitization: Sanitizing the body during embalming involves washing the body … Read more

Common App 2017-2018 Admission Essay Prompts

Nearly 700 colleges across the country use the Common App. By tracking deadlines and what materials you need, you can stay organized while submitting everything online easily.  Many colleges that use the application require an essay, but not all. For the 2017-2018 season, the app has updated the essay questions, so students can demonstrate to … Read more

What Counts as “Leadership Experience” on College Apps?

Leadership Experience

If you’re applying to college (or a job, for that matter), there is a section on your application that will ask you whether you have any leadership experience. In addition to qualities like responsibility, time management, dedication, and hard work, leadership is one of those key elements that college admissions officers look for in applicants … Read more