How Much Is A Universe On TikTok?

You can earn money on TikTok by receiving gifts from other users, which is one of the ways you can earn money. There are many types of cosmologies, with a universe being the most expensive of them all. The question is: what exactly are universes on TikTok and how much do they cost?

The idea of making videos of funny skits or dancing around and getting paid for it sounds like the stuff dreams are made of. The reality is, however, that it is a reality for some people. The process of earning money through TikTok has a few rules and restrictions, but gift-sending is one of the easiest ways to earn money through TikTok.

How Do You Send Gifts on TikTok?

Creators can give their users gifts which can be exchanged for in-app revenue, typically through PayPal, in exchange for a virtual present. Nevertheless, TikTok usually takes a hefty commission from each of the videos that they upload.

A user must first purchase coins in order to be able to purchase a gift, which can be quite a costly process. In the case of buying 16,500 coins, as an example, you would have to pay £219.99 out of pocket if you bought 16,500 coins. Upon purchasing coins, users are then able to pick which virtual gift they would like to send to their friends. From pandas to drama queens, TikTok is alive with all kinds of weird and wonderful things, from pandas to pandas to pandas to pandas to pandas to universes.

The cost of sending a drama queen to your favorite creator would be 5,000 coins, if you wanted to send her to your favourite creator. A minimum of 40 coins can be purchased for a total of 49p, which is the lowest amount that can be purchased.

How Do TikTok Gifts Become Money?

A TikTok creator must have 1000 followers in order to receive money from receiving gifts, as well as going live on the app in order to earn money. Once they are streaming, it’s up to their fans whether they want to send them a gift or not once they are streaming.

Sadly, the coins that are spent on a gift are not directly transferred as actual money. In other words, the 5,000 coins that are spent on a drama queen don’t result in a $5,000 bonus for the creator.

It is necessary for creators to trade in their gifts for diamonds whenever they receive them as gifts. As a result, they receive the equivalent amount of diamonds as the amount of coins they have spent. Nevertheless, the diamonds are only worth 0.5 cents each and they will have to be exchanged via PayPal or something similar in order to be exchanged for cash. It is estimated that creators will receive roughly half the amount of coins that were spent on the gift, all in all.

How Much Is a Universe on TikTok?

In the app, a universe gift has a value of over £400 (before commission), which is about 35,000 coins. If you want to buy coins online, however, you will get a slightly better deal than if you purchase them in person. It is worth noting that on the website, 30,000 coins would only cost you £363 instead of £400, saving you just under £40.

There is no doubt that this is quite a large sum of money to pay when you consider that the creator will only receive about £200.

In summary, it is quite a complicated system to get your head around, just in order to be able to share the love with others. There is always the option to comment or share, completely free of charge!


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